API Reference

The Stated API can be used to send your stats and metrics from web, mobile, or desktop applications!

We also have official libraries for many languages and platforms.


The Stated API uses standard web (HTTP or HTTPS) requests.

You can send 2 different types of stats:

Sending Stats

Requests can be sent as normal HTTP (or HTTPS) requests with GET or POST methods.

Every request must include the following 2 parameters:

Each request should also contain 1 of the following:

Response Codes

When interacting with the API, you may receive 2 types of HTTP response codes (JSON format):

Sample Requests

Here are a few sample HTTP requests for sending stats.

https://stated.io/[email protected]&stat=User+Signup&count=1
https://stated.io/[email protected]&stat=Purchase_Total&value=45.99
https://stated.io/[email protected]&stat=server.pluto1.loadaverage&value=1.42
https://stated.io/[email protected]&stat=player-gems-won&count=5

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